Modex Show at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA

Show season is here. Many of the WD staff are travelling across the country in the coming months to learn, grow, and find new product. 

We started off the season at the Modex Show in Atlanta, GA. Here's a photo of the venue:

Four days of working through solutions to those tough manufacturing and supply chain challenges that we face every day. Our goal at Modex was to learn new strategies to exceed customer expectations and continue providing a competitive edge. Modex provided everything we needed to get the gears turning: keynote speakers, hands-on sessions, educational opportunities galore! 

We and 850 of the leading manufacturers and supply chain providers spent the week identifying best practices, brainstorming, and connecting/networking! No surprise that Modex is considered the "Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth!" We definitely learned ways to maximize business.

Bob and Eric checking out Virtual Reality glasses at Modex

Bob and Eric checking out Virtual Reality glasses at Modex

From Modex we ventured to Channel Advisor Catalyst 2016 in Las Vegas! Team members are there now!

Posted on April 13, 2016 .