Celebrating our Core Values & the people who practice them!

At Weisser Distributing we hire based on CORE VALUES and holding each other accountable to the company’s standards. These values become the fabric of our culture!  The best way to hire and keep great teammates is to already have an office filled with like-minded people who share the same values. We are already there and intend to keep heading in that direction. 

This week we're highlighting one of our top Core Values, being a PROBLEM SOLVER!

The person chosen by their fellow employees, who exemplifies the concept of being a PROBLEM SOLVER is.......Barry Kukes


Since he started this fall, Barry Kukes has repeatedly shown himself to be resourceful and adaptive in his work. He’s remarkable at defining a problem and proposing it to our department. On several occasions, he’s drawn up analysis and proposals for our website spending, content best practices, AMZ ad campaigns, to bring stats and reason into our decision making. Perhaps what I appreciate most about Barry is that he never identifies a problem without offering some solution. He’s actively involved in making sure deadlines are hit, goals are met and the team gets ahead. He’s on a very large catalog project recently and though the scale and funds have changed tremendously from what originally requested of him, he has managed to move the project along despite time and priority restraints. Barry is a great example from WD of what it looks like to be a resourceful problem-solver.

Posted on March 6, 2017 .